Workers' Compensation Insurance

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

What do you get when you combine the financial strength and stability of a 120-year-old property/casualty insurer with an experienced team of dedicated workers’ compensation professionals who have a proven track record in the industry? Argent™. The Best Remedy for Workers’ Compensation™. West Bend brings to Argent a reputation that is recognized and respected by the insurance industry. Argent brings to West Bend a proven approach to insuring larger workers’ compensation accounts.

Argent’s name is derived from argentum, the Latin term for silver. The name was chosen, in part, because of silver’s historical use as a medicine. Today silver is being investigated by prominent universities for its healing properties. And, just as silver has healing properties, West Bend’s Argent division will be the best remedy for workers’ compensation.

  • Underwriting

    In conjunction with our loss control department, we analyze past losses and current exposures, and develop an underwriting program and approach that reward the insured for injury prevention and cost containment.

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  • Loss Control

    Working with the account, our consultants evaluate the controls in place, then design a program based on both past and potential loss exposures in an effort to mitigate the loss potential that exists.

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  • Claims

    We manage claim costs with consistent and effective communication and collaboration with medical providers, claimants, and insureds.

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Contact Argent Find out how our experienced team will work hard to exceed your expectations, enhance the current safety culture within your organization and why we are The Best Remedy for Workers’ Compensation.